A DesignerCookies Easter Icing Party

A DesignerCookies’ icing party is a fun event for any season. This Easter, why not host an icing party and invite your friends and family to join you. There are two types of parties to choose from: (1) A home-based party where you host as many guests as will fit around your dining table, or (2) An icing tutorial at my design studio in Port Coquitlam.

Home-based party: DesignerCookies brings the cookies and icing materials, plus containers for storing your cookies. A three-hour party includes an icing tutorial. For a home-based party you need:

  • a kitchen / dining room table
  • counter space
  • three hours (two for icing the cookies + one for drying the cookies)

DesignerCookies’ Studio party: Invite your friends to join you for an icing tutorial at my design studio. Each person participates in the hands-on tutorial and leaves with six of their own creations. The tutorial lasts two hours.

eater_large_platter easter_minis_close up hoppy_easter happy_easter_square eggs for_peeps_sake_tiny

Building a Sweet Table

Sweet tables are a fun addition to celebrations — birthday parties, wedding showers, wedding receptions, baby showers, anniversaries, or fundraisers — whatever the event, these tables are visually impressive and delicious  too.

For this DesignerCookies’ sweet table, we assembled three cakes, (two with buttercream icing, one with chocolate ” ribbons”), complimentary large and small cupcakes, sugar cookies, salt water taffy candies, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and jelly beans. We also chose and used:

  1. A soft colour palette (pinks and white)
  2. Vintage tea cups and saucers
  3. Vintage lace table cloth
  4. White platters and dishes

The end result is a pretty table that makes happy memories for you and your guests.

ruffle_cake pretzels cookie_platter1 chocolate_ribbon_plus_other cake_pops_and_cookies cake_pops2 teacup_cake sweet_table2

Four Weddings

Four Weddings

A reality show called “Four Weddings” features four real brides who compete with one another to see who has the best wedding. They attend each others ceremonies and receptions and give marks for venue, food, dress, and overall atmosphere. The bride with the highest score wins a honeymoon package. Watching the show provides market research for this cookie designer — it gives me new ideas for wedding favours. Who knew exchanging vows in a shark tank could score top marks?