Nemo and Dory Birthday Cupcakes

The making of Nemo and Dory birthday party cupcakes began with 32 vanilla cupcakes. (If you’re visiting this blog from the DesignerCookie’s newsletter, and you guessed “vanilla” — give yourself a pat on the back — you guessed right!).

nemo_prep3Sandra began by piping blue buttercream icing across the surface of her edible canvas (i.e. the cupcakes).

nemo_prep5Then she piped around the area that Dory and Nemo would occupy.

nemo_prep4The start of Nemo.

nemo_largeNemo’s a clownfish.

doryDory’s a regal tang.

nemo_no_writing_cupcakesRocks, coral and seaweed — and still room for the birthday girl’s name!

nemo_complete_cupcakes2Happy Birthday, Natalie!

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