Black and White Sweet Table

The DesignerCookies’ black and white sweet table created a buzz at the April 14 Tricities’ Wedding Show in Coquitlam. Brides, parents and event planners stopped to chat and ask questions. The two most popular questions: “Are those cupcakes real?” and “How much would a table like this cost?”

A DesignerCookies’ sweet table is:

  1. designed to suit any budget
  2. tailored to fit your event
  3. as colourful (or black and white) as desired

Would you like a quote on a sweet table? Contact DesignerCookies for a free consultation.

Even the chef’s jacket is black and white.alyson_chef_jacket


Yes, the cupcakes are real.cupcakes1***************************************************************************************

White flowers on chocolate cake pops complement black and white sugar cookies.


The design on these cupcakes mimics the wedding cake.b_w_cupcake_tier



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