Graduation Sweet Table

We like helping our clients prepare for milestone celebrations and last Saturday’s grad party was no exception. Congratulations to Daniel on his recent graduation from S.F.U. The school’s colours added flare to the DesignerCookies’ sweet table.

Do you have an upcoming milestone celebration in your family? Contact
DesignerCookies and ask about our sweet tables. We also have excellent rental rates for cupcake stands, pedestals cake stands and serving platters.


Birthday Party Sweet Table

Karen went out all for her husband’s birthday party this year. We won’t give away Brian’s age (but here’s a clue — look for the candle on the birthday cake).

As well as ordering a sweet table from DesignerCookies, Karen asked us to help prepare and serve hors d’ouevres and drinks. The venue (Karen and Brian’s home) was beautiful. It easily accommodated the 45+ guests who came to visit and celebrate with the birthday boy and his family.

The sweet table included a chocolate ganache cake, chocolate caramel cupcakes (large and miniature) chocolate mocha cupcakes (large and miniature), chocolate cake pops, large and miniature sugar cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels and an assortment of candies.

brian_blogThe candle on the cake gives the birthday boy’s age away!

sugar_cookies_blogThe large sugar cookie platter featured Brian’s passions and hobbies: travel, sports, photography. And he’s a #1 teacher too.


choc_mocha_cupcakes_blogChocolate mocha cupcakes.


choc_caramel_cupcakes_blogChocolate caramel cupcakes.


pops_cupcakes_blogMiniature cupcakes and chocolate-covered cakepops.


scale_blogKaren’s antique scale was a good conversation piece — and a good holding place for salt water taffies.


Black and White Sweet Table

The DesignerCookies’ black and white sweet table created a buzz at the April 14 Tricities’ Wedding Show in Coquitlam. Brides, parents and event planners stopped to chat and ask questions. The two most popular questions: “Are those cupcakes real?” and “How much would a table like this cost?”

A DesignerCookies’ sweet table is:

  1. designed to suit any budget
  2. tailored to fit your event
  3. as colourful (or black and white) as desired

Would you like a quote on a sweet table? Contact DesignerCookies for a free consultation.

Even the chef’s jacket is black and white.alyson_chef_jacket


Yes, the cupcakes are real.cupcakes1***************************************************************************************

White flowers on chocolate cake pops complement black and white sugar cookies.


The design on these cupcakes mimics the wedding cake.b_w_cupcake_tier



And Something Blue

We displayed our “and something blue” sweet table at the Fraser Valley Wedding Swap in Fort Langley on March 31. In addition to a three-tiered wedding cake, we also included matching cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies and candies.

Sweet tables add a splash of colour to events — and an element of fun too. Guests enjoy choosing a dessert from a wide selection of yummy options.

blue_cookie_platter1 (5) blue_cookie_platter1 (4)blue_cookie_platter1 (2)blue_cookie_platter1 (3)blue_cookie_platter1 (1)

Building a Sweet Table

Sweet tables are a fun addition to celebrations — birthday parties, wedding showers, wedding receptions, baby showers, anniversaries, or fundraisers — whatever the event, these tables are visually impressive and delicious¬† too.

For this DesignerCookies’ sweet table, we assembled three cakes, (two with buttercream icing, one with chocolate ” ribbons”), complimentary large and small cupcakes, sugar cookies, salt water taffy candies, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and jelly beans. We also chose and used:

  1. A soft colour palette (pinks and white)
  2. Vintage tea cups and saucers
  3. Vintage lace table cloth
  4. White platters and dishes

The end result is a pretty table that makes happy memories for you and your guests.

ruffle_cake pretzels cookie_platter1 chocolate_ribbon_plus_other cake_pops_and_cookies cake_pops2 teacup_cake sweet_table2