Black and White Sweet Table

The DesignerCookies’ black and white sweet table created a buzz at the April 14 Tricities’ Wedding Show in Coquitlam. Brides, parents and event planners stopped to chat and ask questions. The two most popular questions: “Are those cupcakes real?” and “How much would a table like this cost?”

A DesignerCookies’ sweet table is:

  1. designed to suit any budget
  2. tailored to fit your event
  3. as colourful (or black and white) as desired

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Even the chef’s jacket is black and white.alyson_chef_jacket


Yes, the cupcakes are real.cupcakes1***************************************************************************************

White flowers on chocolate cake pops complement black and white sugar cookies.


The design on these cupcakes mimics the wedding cake.b_w_cupcake_tier



And Something Blue

We displayed our “and something blue” sweet table at the Fraser Valley Wedding Swap in Fort Langley on March 31. In addition to a three-tiered wedding cake, we also included matching cupcakes, cake pops, sugar cookies and candies.

Sweet tables add a splash of colour to events — and an element of fun too. Guests enjoy choosing a dessert from a wide selection of yummy options.

blue_cookie_platter1 (5) blue_cookie_platter1 (4)blue_cookie_platter1 (2)blue_cookie_platter1 (3)blue_cookie_platter1 (1)

Four Weddings

Four Weddings

A reality show called “Four Weddings” features four real brides who compete with one another to see who has the best wedding. They attend each others ceremonies and receptions and give marks for venue, food, dress, and overall atmosphere. The bride with the highest score wins a honeymoon package. Watching the show provides market research for this cookie designer — it gives me new ideas for wedding favours. Who knew exchanging vows in a shark tank could score top marks?